My My My, Look How the Time Flies

Obviously, I'm a complete cliché. How can I seriously sit here and tell you "I can't believe an entire year has gone by!" when every SINGLE person says how fast time goes watching your children grow. I knew full well that first year was going to be a blur and because of that, I tried to remember to be in the moment and choose to spend time with The Biscuit every chance I got. I guess what still managed to surprise me was that even with that knowledge, it still seems like there were things I missed and shouldn't have. Dude is still knocking down one or two firsts a day and it's not like I'm spending a lot of time worrying about what I missed, but damn it if I don't wish I could go back to that day I wasn't patient with his fussing and let him sit there crying while I went in the other room and cried too. I'd tell myself to breathe, let it go, I love you, don't be too hard on yourself and I'd tell Biscuit that he's allowed to be grum…

Funny Story

So after a 5 year hiatus, something spurred me to post here on February 8th.  It was a short post and didn't really say much.  It was kind of like dipping my toe into a pond I hadn't visited in a long time.  Who knew that in three short days, my life would forever change.  It kind of makes me regret that I let this blog languish for so long without updating as I would have liked to have some record of the previous five years before The News that would usher in the next chapter of my life - a chapter I had mostly given up being able to ever write.

Backstory: I hadn't been feeling well at the beginning of 2016.  Just felt off a bit.  I went to Orlando to work a conference and when I got backed, I was rocked by something flu-like.  I'm not sure I've ever had the flu but from the symptoms, I supposed that's what it was.  Of course I didn't go to the doctor or anything, pshaw.  I just suffered through it.  I had a fever for a few days and then the illness settl…

After 5 years, Don't You Love It When...

You get a wild hair to see if your old blog is still around and find it is, albeit severely neglected and woefully out of date.  You now get paid to write blog posts for companies and the experience gained from your little ol' personal blog is the reason you are comfortable even saying you can do that?The mean ol' black dog is still around as inspiration? She's much grayer and arguably more distinguished looking, but put a strange dog in her yard and she'll act like she's spry and angry that you dare be a dog in HER yard.You remember how much you enjoyed writing "Don't You Love it When" posts? Yes, I know it's a pittance of a post, but what's that saying about beggars and choosers?  Yeah, you'll get over it.  Especially since I give no guarantees that this won't be the last post for another five years.  No promises!  I like to keep my options open.

Pros and Cons of Air Travel

I found this post in a drafts folder. So, I wrote it in 2008...sue me. Not sure why I didn't post it when I wrote it (and why didn't I capitalize anything?), but here you go:

In the first three months of 2008, I've been to six different countries, flying out of a city that doesn't offer direct international flights (save Mexico), so I think I can safely give my perspective on the pros and cons of traveling with the masses in the cattle car world of coach air travel.

- sunrise and sunset at 30,000 feet, especially when there's a low cloud ceiling.
- a clear day when flying over mountains or the north pole. i've never been to the Alps, but I've seen them from 35,000 feet and they're spectacular. same goes for Greenland and the glaciers.
- there's an odd solitude to flying that I find peaceful. surrounded by strangers, you can live inside your head quite peacefully for a few hours.
- in-seat entertainment (when you can get it) is really pretty awes…

Don't You Love it When... get gifted the last batch of homegrown tomatoes? More specifically, Illinois award-winning tomatoes? I'll be making guacamole, salsa and hopefully a batch of tomato sauce I can share with my grandparents. Thanks Paul & Sally! score a goal from just shy of midfield? I even managed a short bit of what's known as dribbling - a concept I just can't perform very well. But I keep trying and when it goes right, it's oh so gratifying.
...the Corn Dog lays her super soft head on your lap? Or when you just look her way and she wags her tail? She loves me, in spite of all of my shortcomings as a dog owner. We're a package deal: Two Chubby Beasts For One Low Price! think the water heater has gone tits up only to find a simple push of the little red reset button fixes all? That lukewarm shower was nerve-wracking - how long since the last heating of the water? how much longer before it's straight up cold? how much will a new water heater cost?…

I Remembered to Take Out the Trash

But I forgot to wear deodorant. It's small victories I have to applaud anymore. Things like "I remembered to brush my teeth" are celebrated with solo high fives. It's kinda awkward, but it's something you get used to.

There's this thing that Corn Dog does, well more specifically DOESN'T do, that really makes me insane. I'm pretty sure every other dog in existence knows that when you say "Wanna go outside?", you go to the door and the human let's you out. But not CD. Noooooo. That would be too easy. Cassady went to the door in a flash if he needed to go out, but somehow Corn Dog never picked it up. She'll sit there and look at me and put her paws up and whine and when I ask...she goes to her bed. I'm pretty sure she's about to puddle, but she just lays down.

Meanwhile, my avoidance maneuvers are still firmly in place as well. I've successfully avoided a number of crucial things that I've really needed to d…

I Love the Smell of Pickle Juice in the Morning

Tonight, we play for first place. That's correct - the team that went easily nine months without a single win, is playing for first place for the second session in a row. It's shocking, I know, but I'm trying not to think about it too much - don't want to psych myself out.

Playing soccer reminds me of my youth and my age simultaneously. As a kid that felt like an outsider from really any of the established social groups (limited as they were in parochial school), soccer was the first time I felt like I fit in with something. I'll never forget being in fourth grade when they finally added a girls' soccer team. I signed up immediately even though I'd never been exposed to much soccer. Who knew there were practices that entailed running up and down steep hills and running around in circles as much as kicking the ball around?

We weren't very good then either. Maybe there is a connection....? Nah. But losing wasn't the worst experience to have at…